The Best Thing You Can Do for You

I just came across a tool offered on Tony Robbins website that is free “personality” report (also known as DISC). If you have every done any DISC testing before, you know that it is amazing the information you can find out about you by answering a few questions. The best thing you can do for you is learn more about YOU – one of the easiest ways to do that is take tests like DISC to learn more about your natural gifts and talents.

To take the test now, visit Robbins has set up this test for you to take for FREE (the last time I took this test 5 years ago, it cost me $50 so I think this is a stellar deal!). At the end of the questions, you will be given two separate reports based off the answers you provided.

The first report will help you learn things about yourself like what your natural behavior is (how you really are), what your adaptive behavior is (how you act when others are around), what some of your natural strengths are, what your ideal work environment is, what areas you can improve in to maximize your potential, and how best to communicate with others based off your personality.

The second report will help you understand the things that motivate you and what values are most important to you. Some of the things you will learn will be how your values rank in each of the following categories -

  • Aesthetic (form, harmony, beauty and balance)
  • Economic (money, practical results, return)
  • Individualistic (independence, uniqueness)
  • Political (control, power, influence)
  • Altruistic (altruism, service, helping others)
  • Regulatory (structure, order, routine)
  • Theoretical (knowledge, understanding)

With each of these categories, you will also be provided your general traits, key strengths, motivational insights, training/learning insights and areas for improvement.

After taking this DISC test and learning more about YOU which is the BEST thing you can do for yourself. You will have insight on how to maximize your potential, communicate better with others and the best environments for you to be in that will naturally support your personality. You can also forward this test along to others in your life to learn more about them and how you can build better relationships.

To get started on this FREE test now and learn more about YOU, click here.

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.” —Lao Tzu

One Response to The Best Thing You Can Do for You

  1. Michelle says:

    Kristine, in my last job, all the employees had “personality” reports done and the results were amazing and very detailed. Thanks for sharing.

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